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2021 - The Year of Achievement

I have a very important announcement for all Firestorm Martial Arts members and families.

I am declaring 2021 “The Year of Achievement”.

This year Firestorm is going to forget 2020 and look forward to a more productive and self fulfilling year in 2021.

2021 will be a year to target personal goals and plan to obtain those goals in a positive way. The goals should be challenging but achievable. They should add to the quality of life.

I believe that training in the martial Arts is a very beneficial and positive way to improve ones abilities and outlook.

In regards to your Firestorm training, talk to your instructors and see what you need to focus on to improve and advance. Plan to get to as many classes as you can. Contribute to the culture of the club.

By taking some of the above suggestions and adding your own slant, you will ACHIEVE your goals and thus make 2021 a great year.

So let’s get going, Firestorm, and start our “Year of Achievement”. Make those plans and set about moving in a forward direction

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