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Kids Karate

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How are the kids evaluated?


The young martial artists present themselves for gradings to attain each belt level. All grading requirements are taken from the senior martial arts curriculum but are spread out over a much longer time frame.


As Kidz Karate students learn similar skills as their older counterparts they can easily move into the older group once they are both confident and old enough.


The program is flexible enough to cater to the many personal challenges that children may face.


Disabled children are gaining great benefit from being part of a sporting environment that can modify its operations to suit their needs. For example, one class in Bendigo accommodates children who are legally blind and profoundly deaf.


Children who suffer from ADD and ADHD have also found comfort that they are welcomed into our training clubs where they can succeed……

Firestorm’s Kidz Karate program offers everything kids need for a solid introduction to the martial arts.


The program is designed essentially for Primary School aged children between the ages of 5-12 years.


It offers safe and exciting training exercises with an emphasis on challenge and fun.


Students increase their self-confidence, awareness and self-control. We also teach your child to be the best they can be by emphasising the characteristics of good manners, courtesy, self-discipline, teamwork and respect.


Our ‘Bully Proofing’ strategies are also studied in each standard class to promote improved student self-esteem and self- control.


What are the objectives of the Kidz Karate Program?


  • provide basic Martial Arts based training

  • provide basic self-defence skills

  • develop a healthy attitude to sport

  • develop a healthy attitude towards self

  • develop basic motor skills

  • develop group socialization

  • develop co-operation with others

  • encourage aggression and anger management

  • have fun!


Students are encouraged and motivated through every stage of their development. We are not aiming to just teach students martial arts; our teaching encompasses all aspects of their personal development. Students learn the value of teamwork, good manners and trying their best at all times.


The age specific curriculum has been professionally designed to teach children life skills in a fun, exciting and enriching manner.


The program enables youngsters to be part of a club where individuality and collective responsibility are admired.

The grading system has been modified to enable young martial artists to gain a solid grounding in both the physical and mental aspects of martial arts training. At the same time, it leads directly into the senior martial arts classes.



Unit 9, 21 Power Road, Bayswater Victoria 3153

0419 327 672

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