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Just a few questions usually asked of our instructors

What age should I or my child start martial arts?

There’s no such thing as the perfect age to get started. We believe that martial arts training has benefits for every age!

In our Little Dragons program (ages 3-5), we focus on developing listening skills and appropriate classroom behavior in a fun and playful way.

For our Kids Karate (ages 7-16) the martial arts training offers a great learning atmosphere. Beyond practicing self-defense techniques, skills against bullying and maintaining or improving physical fitness, our students develop discipline, respect, self-esteem, goal setting skills, and confidence.

For teens and adults (ages 16+), martial arts training is a great way to improve fitness and flexibility, to learn self-defense skills, grow confidence, develop discipline, and release stress.

We’re sure to find the right program for you!

Am I too old to do martial arts?

Age is a relative matter depending on the mindset of the individual. One of the best things about doing martial arts is that it is an individual sport with the onus on self-improvement and enjoyment, meaning that you can take everything in your own time and that there is no rush to do anything other than have fun and give it your best shot. We generally find people in their 30s, 40s and 50s to be some of the best students, as they have the focus to set goals and can organise themselves to achieve their targets.

What certifications do your instructors have?

Besides having highly recognized martial arts qualifications, all of our senior staff hold a Working with Children card, are first aid qualified and all have been teaching martial arts for over 15 years. Several have diplomas in teaching and coaching qualifications issued by accredited Registered Training Organisations.

How many times a week should I train?

We recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Many adults like to attend three or more classes per week. Like any sport the more often you can practice the faster you will pick up the results. In order to get the benefits that come along with martial arts training and the confidence that comes along with seeing improvement in yourself or your child it is recommended by martial arts schools to attend a minimum of two sessions per week.

Will my child or I get hurt? (Are you classes safe?)

Yes they are. As a sport/recreational activity, martial arts has a great safety record and is far safer than ‘mainstream’ sports like football (all codes), basketball, hockey and so on. Firestorm Martial Arts has an excellent safety record that puts us well above the normal school as well. This is due to our well trained instructors, well-structured curriculum and thorough risk management processes – things like our policies and procedures, and our induction process. Nobody likes to get injured and, whilst injuries can occur in any contact sport, we are mindful of the fact that people need to be able to get up and go to school or work the next day. We do everything we can to minimise the risk of injury, and we expect the same of our members.

Would I have a specific class schedule?

All of our classes are offered on different days and times throughout the week. Students can pick and choose whatever classes fit into their schedule each week. There is no need to make reservations or call ahead to save a spot in the classes, you just show up and enjoy your selected class. However, if you miss a session and want to catch up on the learned skills, you may simply come another day that the class is offered. We provide you ultimate flexibility and the possibility to make your very own schedule week by week.

How much does it cost?

We have a flexible pricing structure. Class cost range from $15-00 to $25-00 per class. We offer our students different types of memberships / payments methods. Prices vary based on things like how many times a week you plan to train, if you want to pay in advance, monthly or direct debit. If you have other members of your family joining up with you then you are eligible to get a family discount. Please call us or enquire via email. Membership may be suspended providing specific notification is applicable. Fees may apply depending on circumstances and payment options. If you are injured, discuss your injury with your class instructor to see if it is safe to participate in the classes. You may need medical advice. You can suspend your membership if need be. We don’t have long term contracts.

How long are the classes?

Kids karate classes go for 60 mins and Adult classes go for 60-90 mins.

What will I learn at Firestorm Martial Arts?

The following summary is a brief on what to expect to achieve as a beginner

1. Fitness, physical strength and flexibility. The more that you can practice the faster that your results will be in regards to training responses by your body.


2. Confidence – On your second lesson for that week, this will mean that you get a chance to practice all of the skills that you completed in your first session for the week and notice your improvements.


3. Skill acquisition: the first time you experience the skill you will pick up the basic components and in subsequent classes for the week you will pick up the finer details of  the skill

Can boys and girls be in the same class?

Yes, absolutely! All of our classes are co-educational. We have a good mix of both girls and boys in our martial arts programs and teach our students from the beginning to respect each other, no matter which gender you are. Are there any gender restrictions? Sometimes there are safety restrictions for classes and this will be discussed during your induction. If you have a serious chronic illness or injury, have had recent surgery or other health complications, then we may require a doctor’s clearance

What uniform do I wear in class?

To your first class, wear light work out gear; shorts/trackies, T shirt, that kind of thing. We don’t wear shoes in class. Once you start training regularly you will receive a Firestorm uniform as part of the membership package.

How To do I Get Started?

The very first step is to get in contact with us! Fill out our contact form or Introductory Program form, send us an email, a message on Facebook or give us a call. We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you, give you the chance to meet our Head Instructor and take you on a tour through the Firestorm school of your choice. Due to our inclusive curriculum, you can start training with Firestorm Martial Arts at any time. New people start training with us at every class. Don’t worry, it does not matter if you have not worked out for a while, you will soon find your own level in class. We want you to get the most out of your class. We pay particular attention to new people and will assist you as much as we can during the class. We recommend comfortable work out gear.

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