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Our Style


Firestorm Martial Arts is part of Zen Do Kai, a 'freestyle' martial art developed in the early 70's by Soke Bob Jones. 

For over fifty years Zen Do Kai has provided practical, efficient and effective martial arts programs for self-defence, sport and recreation for people of all ages.


Zen Do Kai’s origins are traditional, however it adopts and develops the most up-to-date training and technical knowledge from around the world. The philosophy associated with freely absorbing the best of other fighting systems and refinement of techniques has matured Zen Do Kai into a most comprehensive and practical self-defence system.


Zen Do Kai classes include training in relaxation, stretching, balance, coordination, fitness, speed, power, martial arts, non contact sporting concepts, kata (forms), anti rape and street survival strategies.


Our Club


Firestorm Dojos opened its doors back in 1991 with about 10 students at only one training venue (dojo). We have now grown to a complement of well over 160 regular students who train at the Firestorm venues, and many hundreds of students have passed through the dojo doors over the years.

Despite our growth, we have maintained the same spirit and enthusiasm that started our training all those years ago, and our club maintains the positive family culture we prize so much.


The name "Firestorm" evolved from the idea that a style being uniquely Australian should be named after a uniquely Australian phenomenon - the 'Firestorm'. We like to instil in our students the strengths associated with a raging storm that feeds on itself and overcomes all obstacles.

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