Class Category: Kids Karate

Kids Karate Park Orchards

Firestorm Martial Arts operates a Kidz Karate class at Park Orchards Primary School in their gym on Tuesday Afternoons at 4-00pm. All the benefits of our standard classes but with the opportunity to reach another location and benefit another group of new students. Taught by Head Instructor Mike Quin, these classes are very popular in […]

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Little Dragons

Little Dragons is the Firestorm Dojos martial arts class for children 3 to 5 years of age. It is an exciting program focusing on character development, physical fitness and practical self-defence developed in response to a pressing community need. The Little Dragons program is designed to teach children about fitness and important life skills which […]

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Kids Karate Advanced

Firestorm Advanced Junior classes are designed for students that have the rank of green belt and above. The syllabus expects more from an these students and so do our instructors. Leading the way and setting examples become the mainstay of our message. In these classes we will introduce you to more of the physical and mental side of […]

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Kids Karate

Kids Karate Firestorm’s Kidz Karate program offers everything kids need for a solid introduction to the martial arts. The program is designed essentially for Primary School aged children between the ages of 5-12 years. On the physical side, this program offers safe and exciting training exercises with an emphasis on challenge and fun. Students increase […]

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