Adults Martial Arts

Zen Do Kai is a component of the Bob Jones Corporation, one of the largest martial arts organisations in Australia.
Zen Do Kai incorporates aspects and components from many martial arts disciplines and forges them together to form a modern system of self-defence. For over forty years Zen Do Kai has provided practical, efficient and effective martial arts programs for self-defence, sport and recreation for people of all ages. Zen Do Kai’s origins are traditional however it adopts and develops the most up to date training and technical knowledge from around the world.
The philosophy associated with freely absorbing the best of other fighting systems and refinement of techniques has matured Zen Do Kai into a most comprehensive and practical self-defence system. Zen Do Kai classes include training in relaxation, stretching, balance, coordination, fitness, speed, power, martial arts, non contact sporting concepts, kata (forms), anti rape and street survival strategies.
Zen Do Kai classes typically follow the guidelines of a well structured syllabus and provide a great deal of variety and an excellent physical workout. Students are able to work and advance at their own pace and are always encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best. Classes can include such elements as stretching and warm up exercises, technique and skills development, partner and pad training, self-defence applications, self-defence drills, kata (form) training, and cool down stretching and exercises.