The Firestorm Centre’s Fyte Fit classes are arguably “the best fat burning workout around”. By combining boxing and kickboxing techniques with the conditioning attributes of ground fighting (MMA) we have designed an effective workout that challenges the participant to strive and achieve their best outcomes.
The classes are conducted in a non intrusive environment to allow the participant to concentrate on their own goals. With high energy music providing a strong motivational stimulus, these classes are proving to be very popular. The classes combine free air movements and utilise a range of hanging bags, kick pads and focus mitts as well as ground and pound drills to produce a high energy, highly effective workout.

These movements are also complemented by the anaerobic benefits of bodyweight training. A cool-down period follows the workout. This includes strengthening and abdominal exercises. As participants’ heart rates decrease they are guided though a comprehensive stretch routine. Participants typically comment on how confident and terrific they feel after such workouts.