About Us


Welcome to Firestorm Martial Arts

Firestorm Martial Arts is a family based club located in Bayswater, an outer Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. We are known as one of the foremost martial arts clubs in the area. We teach modern self effective self defence and fitness programs. We are a ‘freestyle’ martial art which means that we incorporate techniques from several martial art’s styles, including, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Kendo and Muay Thai, and adapt them to suit today’s world. My name is Mike Quin.  I am the founder  and Head Instructor of the Firestorm Martial Arts  and invite you to wander through our web site at your leisure.

Firestorm Martial Arts opened its doors back in 1991 with about 10 students at only one training venue (dojo). It has now grown to a complement of well over 180 regular students who train at the Firestorm venues and we have had many hundreds of students have passed through the Firestorm dojos over the years. Many of these students have progressed to the black belt level and gone onto teaching roles within the club which has strengthened the whole fabric of the Firestorm family. We have created this web site to help us to share what we do with as many people as possible and to fill the gaps that our physical training doesn’t enable.

Our Vision Statement

“To be a leading martial arts organisation, committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment that acknowledges and caters to member capabilities and capacities and that encourages members to seek out a greater self-concept and to hone potential.”

Our Mission Statement

Firestorm Dojos’ mission statement provides a central declaration and focus of the organisation’s martial arts curriculum and of the culture in which that curriculum operates. It is intended to be a dynamic expression of organisational direction.

Firestorm Dojos aims to administer and accomplish the following key objectives:

 To provide a safe environment for the instruction of freestyle martial arts
 To develop the mental and physical tools and processes for improving personal safety and security and for improving positive personal confidence and well being
 To promote good health and vitality
 To establish a culture and philosophy based upon respect and care for all which fulfils the principles of equity and social justice
 Provide a curriculum that encourages the pursuit of excellence and the enrichment of our members’ experience encompassing the noblest of martial arts values, customs and traditions
 To uphold standards of excellence in all areas of martial arts endeavour
 Work to ensure our martial arts training is accessible to all members of the community
 Protect and develop the interests and well-being of all members both collectively and individually as those interests pertain to the organisation
 To develop cooperative working relationships amongst all members
 To provide leadership in the wider community and to develop healthy community attitudes and values

By applying the core ideals of honour, loyalty, truth, benevolence, self control, etiquette, courage and justice, Firestorm Dojos plans to continue to grow as a professional entity that encompasses the full range of its member’s aspirations and to assist in the achievement of such ambitions.

In Bushido, Mike Quin


We have Awesome Instructors

Firestorm Instructors are highly qualified to instruct their art. All have First Aid qualifications and undergo optimal training to keep their skills up

Great Learing Enviroment

Our family atmosphere and strategic instruction produces strong progression in one’s ability and confidence

Great Trainng Venue

The Firestorm Centre is a purpose built martial arts and fitness training centre that has the equipment and facilities to ensure that your training is second to none.